by Jon Peniel

First, let me mention that I know many of you are struggling economically.  And things just took a turn for the worse, and are going to get even worse.  I truly sympathize with you.  We are also being negatively impacted by the economy (as I'll explain more about later).

Shortly after 9/11, one of our book readers sent a nice email and gift.  They also made a good point.  They said that they donated to the Red Cross, because it was a good organization and the immediate demands of the time warranted it.  But that they also realize the bigger picture, long term importance of us, our work, and having our order and monastery around to help others in the future.

That was kind, wise, and very perceptive.  Of course, while we also believe in alleviating physical and emotional suffering when we can (in line with the will of the Universal Spirit), we also believe that helping others spiritually, is of highest priority. Why? Several reasons. 

The first reason, is that the entire human condition, which for most people is a life of pain and suffering, can only be changed by spiritual means.  Some people think only the poor and unfortunate suffer.  Not true.  Sure, the minority with wealth and power have periods of "get offs", but they still have the pain and suffering, and still hurt others - the most unhappy miserable people I've ever met, weren't the poor, they were millionaires and billionaires - believe it or not, it's true. Wars, killings, gangs, rape, robbery, torture, etc., are all a result of a world full of selfish separate selves who are cut off from God, don't care about each other, etc.  The tragic recent events in NY and Washington, are from that same problem.  

THE ONLY FIX, is to fix that spiritual condition.  No arrests, no fighting, no legislation, no medical aid, no food aid, no financial aid to relief organizations, no army, no new law enforcement measures, no immigration changes, no expanding of law enforcement rights, WILL EVER, nor CAN EVER, change it.  Only spiritual change can change it.  And it can only be one at a time - a candle lighting a candle.  You can only change yourself, then hang around to provide an opportunity to change others, you can never change someone else in any way other than really loving them, and setting an example.  Sure, you can expose them to the truth, and maybe they'll get it.  Still,  you can lead a horse to water, but can't make them drink unless they themselves want to.    

Thus, helping others spiritually is of the highest priority to us.

The next reason, is that All of us eventually die. Our self will die, but the soul is forever. And whether we choose to give the control of our life to our self, or our soul, and God, has a far greater impact on our physical lives, than the other way around.  It determines whether or not we go through life with:
1) a self that is blind and suffering, and thus making the bad decisions and living a pitiful selfish life that makes the suffering worse and hurts others too, or,
2) go through life caring about others instead of self, feeling the "good pain" of compassion, but helping others to find love, God, freedom from their self suffering, and everlasting peace and happiness.

Thus, helping others spiritually is of the highest priority to us.

We consider anything that helps people spiritually, gives them an opportunity for change, or is a resource for that, is of utmost importance, and will get even more important as the days go by, because things are going to get much worse.  And only finding and returning to God again, is going to get you free from it, and help you get others free from it.  That's why to us, insuring the completion of the monastery, and it's survival, is vital.  As is reaching as many people as possible with the ancient teachings (of course, only those who want them).

Supporting the newsletter, is one way you can help others spiritually.   

Our monks must support ourselves just like the rest of you.  All the time and resources it takes to create, maintain and distribute these newsletters, is time and resources taken away from other ways we can support ourselves, community, or projects. So your newsletter subscription provides fair compensation for that, and helps support us and our projects, including monastery rebuilding.  Thus it helps us spiritually help others - which means every subscriber is contributing to spiritually helping others too.

For those of you who have supported us, thank you so very much, it warms our hearts and helps inspire us to keep going on.  


Most of you are interested in these messages, because you've already read "The Children of the Law of One™  & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis", and acquired a certain respect for it.  These messages are virtually an extension of the teachings presented in that book.  But they are "live".  I.e., teachings from the living teacher who wrote that book, in the present moment, providing you with his opinion/perspective ("teachings"). Thus, let's take a moment to review just what the "teachings" are (both those in the book, and what our teachers continue to pass on in their lives and words). 

It is my feeling and belief, and those of many others who have found the teachings through the book or a teacher, that they don’t just represent “one more” spiritual trip, one little part of many important diverse spiritual trips or beliefs. They are not just another opinion.  They are not just part of one more new age/spiritual thought resource. If fact, as most of you know, our teachings aren’t “new age” at all, nor is our order some new sect or cult.  We have been around since, and before, what to us are "new" sects - Christianity, Judaism, etc., even Buddhism.

The ancient teachings were the original source of most theosophical/theological thought in the world (at least those that believe in the "monotheistic" concept - one God, oneness of God, universal spirit, etc.)  and our order has maintained that source unadulterated. It's remained that way by passing on the flame of truth, from "candle to candle", one teacher to another - not just passing on knowledge, but the flame itself, the source itself.

Except by the modern definitions of religions which have been altered over time, we are Christians, we are Buddhists, we are Zoroastrians/the Magi, we are Jews, etc.  We "fit into" any religious branch who's priorities are following the will of God (a Universal Spirit/One God that is all, everywhere - not a human-like God created in Man's image), allowing free will as long as it hurts no one, and caring for ALL, regardless of faith (or lack of faith). But for those religions who make their dogma their priority, we don't fit in.

We hold the above things, truth and universal laws to be more important than dogma, and don't allow dogma to form within our order or the teachings.  Rather than resting on our laurels and adopting a fixed dogma, we constantly pursue truth and perfection. We want truth more than we want to defend our selves, or our beliefs, or maintain our personal comforts and security.  We want to be as perfect as possible, knowing that it is a forever ongoing goal that is ever before us, and never where we stop.  We adopt and use that which helps achieve that goal.  We want criticism and truth, because it will help us always be moving on the never ending path towards perfection, towards being the most unselfishly loving servant of God possible.  That is an ever changing evolutionary process that goes on – forever.  That is why these messages are important to those who value the ancient teachings, because as we evolve, flow and adapt to the changing times, we can discuss issues that are not in the book, presenting the broad Universal viewpoint that the teachings bring to us, and bring us to, on all kinds of subjects.  


But remember, because such a Universal viewpoint represents the opposite of a limited selfish separate self viewpoint, our opinions and teachings that are given in the messages, will eventually conflict with many of the beliefs and programming most of you are attached to.  And possibly with the various paths, philosophies, or beliefs you may have had in the past, and may still be holding on to.  This is a common occurrence during the process of growth.  You will come to things that need to be re-examined, and perhaps let go of in the face of real truth and growth.  Sure, most of you have had valid beliefs and practices that have helped you, and seemed/were true at the time, but methods of spiritual growth are like a boat you use to cross a river.  If you hang on to the boat once you get to the other side, then you can’t go on.  We are here to help people keep finding new boats that are real, and let go of the old ones that no longer serve a helpful purpose.  Another way of looking at it, is let's say you're a primitive who's been making fires by rubbing sticks together your whole life.  Hey, it works.  But if someone shows you a better way to make your fire, what would you do?  


These messages are for those who understand that the teachings are the epitome of non-dogmatic pure universal spiritual truths, and welcome them as that.  Thus, they should be read with at least a little humility, an open mind, and at least a bit of respect.  Shouldn’t you listen to anything with an open mind, heart, and desire for truth at all costs?  Let alone such a resource as these messages?  Please don’t get me wrong, we welcome disagreement or criticism, but only if it is respectful disagreement with an open mind, a willingness to hear a truthful response, and a desire for coming to a mutual truth and understanding.  All I, or anyone who's going in the right direction wants, is to find the truth, live by the truth, NOT just to appear “right” about our opinions or beliefs, like so many people do.  We aren't interested in who’s right and who’s wrong, only truth.  Truth that leads to better becoming a servant of God, and simultaneously, a servant of all.  

Even in what is left of the bible, Jesus made something very clear.  He gave many teachings, many parables and allegories, but as a COMMANDMENT he told us to love one another as HE loved us (in other words unselfishly - pure, real love), and that people would know His followers by that.  And that doesn't mean just a feeling, it clearly means the self sacrificing actions that come from having  unselfish love.  We consider that the Golden Rule.  

I want to say this again.  If one is still mired in selfishness, of course some of what I write is going to find resistance and perhaps animosity.  Because the recurring theme behind the teachings, which I continue on through these messages, is to starve out selfishness, and switch to a life of self sacrifice.  It's going to "rub your selfishness/selfish programming the wrong way".  So if you subscribe to these messages, you should have the attitude of WANTing that.  You should be aware of, prepared for, your "self/programming" to act up every so often.  But rather than letting your self react negatively, you should be thankful for the opportunity it gives you.  And keep in mind that since you are only seeing things from your programming, and from the tiny perspective of your selfish separate self’s view, your perspective  will NEVER be fully accurate.  Remember the car example in the book?  No one receiving these messages is enlightened yet (no enlightened being has need for them, so they wouldn't subscribe to them). So please consider that before you jump to negative conclusions about any message from us. 

As I mentioned earlier, most of you signed up for the newsletter/messages because you've read the Lost Teachings, really related and resonated with them.  If you have, you also know I'm a teacher of those/of that order, and know I live by those teachings myself.  You got to "know me" through my writing.  Thus many of you developed some respect for what I might have to say.  And many of you intuitively know I speak the truth - the same truth that is inside all of you, that you hear yourselves to varying degrees.  

You wanted these messages and info  because you value my opinions, guidance, information, inspiration and the ongoing teachings that many of the messages actually are.  If you read the book, which I assume you have because it wouldn't make sense to sign up for these messages otherwise, you know I've sacrificed my entire life since I was a teenager, to find God, then to serve God, to serve others, to do NOTHING with every moment of my life, with every resource within me and without me, but to live to help others find their way back home to God and end their suffering. The book would have also given you some idea of what it takes to change from being a selfish person, to living a spiritual life totally dedicated to, and thinking of nothing but, serving God to help others. And you would have learned how your selfish separate self has to be ground down to nothing, and become a servant to your better half, your spiritual half, and God. All in order to bring out that part of you that unselfishly loves, and thinks/feels/acts from a place of unselfish love only, and to make it so the good part of you dominates your life entirely.  

All of you reading this, are still leading a selfish life to various extents.  Whether you're "working on it" or not, you're still selfish and see everything from your "bubble of separation" from the Universal Spirit.  Thus, you have that severely limited, tiny, self based, and selfishly based, perspective. You are still choosing to remain "exiled from Eden", i.e., separate from God and living by God's will. I chose to go through the hell it took to return to God, and many years ago, burst my bubble of separation, and crucified my selfish self, giving me a whole new "big picture" perspective - I can "see both sides of the car" now (a reference to the book), whereas most everyone else still sees one side or the other.  That's the perspective most people want from my messages.   If you don't respect what I've done with my life, and the sacrifices I've made to help others, and where I'm coming from with every word, breath, and action I take, that's OK.  But it will impact what you can get from the messages. I.e., the respect you have for the words that come through for you in the messages, does tie into your opinion of the messenger.  I hope you make the best of them, and give the messages the respect they deserve - after all, they are ultimately really coming to you from you - from your own inner being - the One Spirit.  

We all make our choices, and pay the dues or reap the rewards for the choices we make.  I've made mine long ago, and continue to do so. You have also made your choices, which have brought you to where and who your are.  And you also continue to make your choices.  

Speaking of choices to serve God or self, Bill Cosby had a famous comedy routine called "Noah".  At one point, Noah is "sick and tired" of all the stuff God has told him to do.  He's tired, and pissed, and starts disrespectfully  "mouthing off" to God and complaining.  Then all of a sudden, the rain starts, and Noah says, "It's you and me God, right?".  Ha!  I agree with Noah!  How about you?  


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