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Hugs and Love - A hello from Jean D'Esprit.

It's been a rather long time since we did many updates on these pages!  I'm just now learning how to do it, and will be posting new and interesting things regularly, soon!  I appear to have hit a

bit of a snag already, as this is obviously the column I need to past a link to, not type a big long message, so I'll keep this short. 

There are plenty of reasons to carry on with your progress and work to be a more and more loving person daily, and we'll share some on here.  I wanted to post a video link about hugs - experiments folks are doing all around the world - holding up

a sign in public, saying, "Free Hugs".  It's amazing how alone and isolated folks can be.  So many uninterested.  But as the video goes on, I noticed that the sign holders started holding their arms out in an open gesture. As a vocalist, I know that this posture is perhaps the number one 'move' you can do as you perform.  After they began "opening' their arms,  people let them hug.  It's heartwarming and makes a very beautiful, simple point about us all - we all need and like to share,  affection and to reach out to others.  I read somewhere that the average Human needs to be touched some high number,  like 50 times a day, just to feel ok.  How often do you offer/share/give of yourself that way?  I think we can all easily make a change in the world by implementing this simple, lovely technique.  So,  go hug someone, with your heart and arms open, and feel the magic!

More later.......  ;-)

Sounds that Heal

We now offer a free online Thoth tarot reading

THE DREAM (an excerpt from the ebook Science of Being)

Honey Bees Disappearing- Important Alert. 

What Happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?

Beware of False Teachers and Web Sites Using Our Name


No more teachers! What do I do? (Updated April 3 2007)


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Click HERE for our NEW Movie Recommendations page! (Updated: October 9 2007)


New! Peniel's sci-fi adventure about the last days of Atlantis, based on the Children of the Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis book and the Edgar Cayce readings.

New! meditation and brain wave helper software


We are sad to say that  only just a few weeks,  ago, global warming possibly assisted the destruction of another victim, the worst thus far. The snow that maintained the privacy of the Spain monastery melted. A sat view of "fascinating artifacts" was broadcast on TV, (not to be seen again). A few days ago, it was brutally attacked. A few were taken alive. A few escaped. Well over a hundred were lost in the onslaught. A super Nova followed. Please do not enquire further. Our thanks to them for All their great sacrifices.


Click here to read an interview of the Hopi Elders in 1998. The most important parts are in red font.


As you can imagine, writing this guide elicits a mix of emotions. It is deeply saddening that the world has come to the point where we find it necessary to compile and share this information. It is unpleasant, to say the least, to spend time thinking about and preparing for terrorist attacks, chemical warfare or cataclysmic natural disasters. We all want to feel safe in our country, our communities, and our homes.  

What are we preparing for?

This is the hard part. Having to think about the variety of emergencies we face as a nation and as a planet due to the choices we, the "human family", have made. There are some natural forces already set in motion which are irreversible. And make no mistake about it; we have irreparably damaged the earth, our environment and our atmosphere. At the risk of sounding like the voice of doom and gloom, for these threats, it’s not a matter of if, but when. As far as man-made threats like wars and terrorist activity, we can’t be as certain. But let’s face it; things don’t look good there either.

This guide was written to help you be prepared and ready for hard times of various kinds and also to help you live more sufficiently and sustainably. Click here to purchase your preparedness guide for $19.95.


First, briefly we'd like to pass on some info about computer security. Internet Explorer, the most popular browser, has major security holes. Microsoft has created a patch to fix it.

Next, we have switched to Avast anti-virus, since our previous ones did not detect many of the new viruses. Many viruses also attach anti-virus programs. Avast can also be run from a CD rom, so it remains independent. It hasn't worked on all computers though. We also use "pest patrol" to find "adware and spyware".

In the past, you had to open an attachment to get a virus. Now, just viewing an email, or a web page, can transmit one. If you have Outlook, make sure you turn off the "preview pane" and don't click on unknown or suspicious emails. 

Check the news updates page for News updates

The Day After Tomorrow
- that's the title of a movie that should be in theatres now or sometime soon. From the ads, it seems like the movie deals with issues about coming Earth changes and the "Great Purification".

You may wish to occasionally check our links page for new sites you may be interested in. We eventually would like to create a directory/search engine of spiritually oriented websites.

"Cayce Yoga"tm released:  We are now offering the "Cayce Yoga"tm and the "totally new complete Edgar Cayce readings" CD-rom (which was created by the programming genius from the All Edgar Cayce website). As I recall, Edgar Cayce recommended these really simple, quick & easy daily exercises for most everyone for health and well being and "balancing the forces in the body".  It is a deliberately short video, because it only covers the stretching and movements given by Edgar Cayce during his readings, without any padding. Due to distributor complaints (apparently length is directly related to value, even if it is just fluff or other info), it will have to be lengthened in the future however. We feel it is a great compliment to our own style (" Tibetan yoga videos ") also. Check out our "Cayce Yoga"tm page for more info. If you are a Cayce readings fan, or want to be, you might also want to check out the "totally new complete Edgar Cayce readings" CD-rom

Free gifts with orders!!

We hope to soon be releasing an article by Jon Peniel, about the unique spiritual qualities of rose quartz and fascinating physical effects that can be felt occasionally when you "play around with" 2 pieces at the same time.  

Note: The January messages from Jon/CLO newsletter had important detailed information about sanitation issues and what you can do, that you probably never even thought about. With many new diseases emerging, this could be life saving info for you, your family, and friends. 

Now with SARS re-emerging and a veterinarian who died from a virus he caught from a bird, that information is even more important.

The February newsletter had an extensive list of government recommended emergency supplies on hand (and our own suggestions)for war, or other disasters.

An Ancient Monk’s Tale:

One day, hundreds of years ago, one of our adept monks, was just sitting and contemplating things which came into his mind from the Universal Spirit. He happened to be sitting in front of a mirror.  He wasn’t doing the mirror exercise meditation, because he had already “been there done that” part of his training, and was an adept.  As he looked at himself, he prophetically coined this phrase of wisdom, which would one day become a common saying, hundreds of years in the future, in fact, it would be so common that no one would be able to travel without reading it, or ignoring the printing of it.  So the next time you do your mirror exercise, remember the monk’s words – “Objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear”. (This story is meant for anyone who is a very serious spiritual person,  and lacks a sense of humor) (oxymoron) 

Personal privacy

Here's something we found that everyone should be concerned with.

"Search for yourself online"
Aired on MSNBC, March 19, 2002

After "Donna" did a search for her name on various search engines, when she used Google, she discovered a site listing her address
and credit card details. Her story suggests that looking up your own name or personal data might not be an exercise in vanity but instead one of self-protection.

Computer security

Here's something funny, I just checked this page today, and it had spyware on it!  Don't know what that is? Keep reading and find out.

Most of the below is about commercial spyware.  But now there is even more serious stuff than spyware for ad companies collecting data on your web surfing or buying habits.  There are people who want to watch EVERYTHING you do on your computer.  Here is one company that makes something for catching these nefarious evildoers, but some spyware has actually developed "attack" programs that defeat it.  Still it is the best bet for now - you can catch some of 'em at least.   www.trapware.com 

I hope to get up a whole page about it, but for now I'll just give you a few tips.  First, I recently discovered some commercial spyware on my computer from Gator, and a few other programs. Everytime I got online, my computer sent everything I did to companies compiling marketing data.  I downloaded a free program called "ad aware" that scans your computer and let's you safely remove such programs.  Afterward, my web browsing was about 3 times faster (since it wasn't using up energy sending out my info any more).


After that, I found out that your computer can be being used for even more nefarious reasons, and everything "looked at" and manipulated by nasty people who have essentially broken into your computer.  Some want to steal your secrets, maybe passwords, credit card info, whatever, some want to "use" your computer to hide their own evil doings - like hack attacks on other computers! So, to prevent that, I downloaded another program, available in free and paid versions also, called "zone alarm".  It is a "firewall", and doesn't let anything leave your computer, or let anyone access it, without you knowing about it.  I found that about a dozen different people, from different places, were trying to get into my computer - about every 15 minutes!!!  After denying them access (a little pop up window comes up) after about a week I haven't had any more attempts.


For virus protection, we recommend PC cillin.  Set it up right by checking the email virus protection, the continuous protection, the "web trap", and scheduler to run a check on your whole computer every day or week.

The third type of security risk is just the stuff that you thought you erased from your hard drive.  When you delete an email, erase your browser history, delete temp files of pictures you've looked at, or letters you've written, WHATEVER, they don't really get trashed.  They can be recovered. If you want to see what I mean, read on.

Want a shock by going to a web site and being shown your own hard drive contents?  "Web surfing" "accidentally" took me to the following site, that showed me my own hard drive contents!  Now, it turned out to "sort of" be a trick, in other words, they weren't really able to see my drives contents, but they were able to make me see them, on the web.  It did make it clear that, if you have things you consider secure on your own computer, or even that you think are erased and gone, they aren't  -  After they shock you, they want you to buy an eraser program they're selling, so they have links to it.  But don't use that link - it's by an "adult" site, and I don't really trust it.   Here's the site:  http://www.sexpositionsguide.com/pu/test.htm   

OK, now if you really want to get rid of your trash/deleted items/browser tracks, you need a program by EAST Technologies called "Eraser".  This one's not free (free trial I think though), but it's well worth it.  It works great just to regularly clean up temp files, empty the recycle bin, etc., which I use it for daily.  I highly recommend it. 

There are other security holes we'll cover in the future.  One I can tell you about right now, applies to windows XP, 2000, and NT.  Under administrative tools, find something that says "services", in there, find a thing that says "messenger" (that isn't for things like instant messengers, it has something to do with networks).  I heard this is on "automatic" by default, but should be set to "disable" to prevent hackers from spamming you, or attacking your computer. 

That's it for now.



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