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Giving is a good thing, when it truly serves the Universal Spirit (God), and nurtures the Inner Being/spirit, rather than the selfish self or a cause that doesn't really help others. 

In fact, giving is the "way" of the Universe.

I assume most of your reading this have read the "Lost Teachings of Atlantis" book.  In it, we describe the teachings on selfishness vs. unselfishness, giving, giving love, and how it is all sort of like a "water faucet". In order to get water, you have to turn on your faucet.  You have to give the water out - let it flow - in order for more water to come in, and through. If you want to keep the water for yourself, hoard it, by keeping your tap turned off, new water doesn't flow. 

That is a metaphor for the Universal Law that applies here.   

If you follow Universal Law, and apply it in your life, your own life can become a reflection of the way the Universe functions. What you give out, comes back to you, or more appropriately, there is just a constant flow passing through you - always giving, always receiving.

There are many ways to give in a positive and constructive way. One is financially.

Money is not the root of all evil, it is just a form of energy that is easily traded and converted back into energy - almost like a transportable "energy battery". In other words, when someone puts out energy and gets money for it, it can be exchanged for someone else's energy in a form of a product or service you give that money for, and it continues on and on like that. 

Thus, we call money and financial resources "green energy", partly because of the color of US paper money, and because it is a very liquid form of energy.   

Some of you who are new to this website, may think asking for help and money is standard procedure for us.  But with the exception of asking people to help promote the teachings by calling bookstores and the media (even that was only since 1998), we've NEVER before asked the public for anything in our long, long history.  

But times are very different now, and the time for many things are short.  

In millennia past, those of our order had a great deal of time to just work on and finance all projects by ourselves (or very occasionally with the help of wealthy royal benefactors/CLO supporters).  But now is the time to employ all possible resources.  

Many people say they really believe in our work, have benefited from it, and that they support it.  Many people could really support our work with finances or other resources.  Some have.  By doing so, they have also become part of the greater whole, the greater "ourselves" - Universal Spirit "teamwork". 


The "Lost Teachings" book explains how when someone transcends their selfish consciousness and gains universal consciousness, they don't need to deal with the mundane anymore, in the sense of thinking about "making a living" and similar things.  They just focus on serving the Universal Spirit, helping others, and the Spirit/God takes care of them.  So they personally need no assistance, financially or otherwise.  But that doesn't mean they don't need assistance to further causes or projects they work on.

Spiritual teachers also need to focus their time and energies on spiritual matters, because that is the unique, precious, and most important gift they have to offer others.  

For instance, what if Jesus had to spend his time and energy resources "earning a living", going shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc..  What a waste of a precious spiritual resource that would have been.  

Everyone needs to first master mundane life however. How can you have the discipline it takes to succeed spiritually, if you can't even manage the discipline it takes to do the everyday tasks of life?

Plus, for any highly spiritually evolved being, dealing with worldly matters that are associated with selfish survival, "brings them down" because it keeps them mentally and physically involved with the lower vibration selfish world. When someone spiritually transforms themselves, as as our past and present teachers have, they transcend the mundane and selfish world, yet still live in it (if they choose to stay and help). This is very painful to them, and they are like a fish out of water. It is more than just "a drag" to deal with worldly matters, it is literally a drain on their time, brain, mind, and life force.  Don't you think that those of us who can help such beings free up their time, energy, and resources to allow them to put it all towards their spiritual work, should do what we can to help?  

By taking on students, spiritual teachers take on their student's karma, which includes having to deal with such mundane things again - because the students aren't free of it yet.  Also, working on projects for humanity, involves mundane business and money issues unfortunately.  They shouldn't have to be thinking about budgets, loans, taxes, etc., and wouldn't be otherwise.  But that's one of the sacrifices they make for us, and you.  

Again, we need nothing personally.  But those who have been helped by the "LT of A", or have seen it help others, or believe in our work, should support it if they think that's the right thing to do.  Not just support it with words, but with "green energy", skills, or other resources that are needed for good projects. 

Besides financial support, you can also help in other ways.  We have a link about how to help promote the book and/or teachings.  You can also start a website.  Write about your own experiences, and link to this site and other good sites from your home page that explains how various things have helped you.  

In the past, Jon asked people who were willing to help, to send in an email with their skills, and what they'd be willing to do to help.  That shouldn't even have had to be done. But alas, it did.  And it yielded some results.  Then he went a step further, and asked those who consider this to be their path, or who believe in our projects, to support it with monetary gifts (either by tithing or some regular method), just like everyone else does to support their churches, ministers or causes they believe in.

Some people did then contribute (thank you). Others made excuses why they couldn't, and others still (the more selfish), got defensive and were "pissed" about merely being asked for their support (what's wrong with just asking for help?).  

We hope you feel, as we do, that our work deserves support. We are trying to improve the world and help people at the most important and fundamental source - their self/spirit.  Food is important, but feeding the world won't help our real problem.  Peace is great, but won't help our real problem (the reason the world doesn't have peace with freedom or enough food in the first place - is simple - the separate selfish self times 6 billion).  Giving people the opportunity to transcend their selves and this selfish world, and care for each other, is the soul-ution. If people would just get that, and change, it would fix all problems, all evils.  And even without helping the entire world, we can at least offer help to one person at a time, and change things starting with ourselves.

Unlike many wealthy religious and political activist organizations who get plenty of donations or tithing, we've never asked for support to build extravagant cathedrals, churches or monuments to the glory of our religion or leaders, to rake in more money for more of the same. Or to take part of your income and spend it on welfare abuse, corporate abuse and our own pocket linings.  Or for charities who take the vast majority of donations for "administrative fees" rather than the purpose people gave it for in the first place.  We take NO administrative fees for projects we support, and we verify that every cent goes directly to what it is given for. Our monks work for free, and donate everything they can also.

Jon sacrifices constantly, and gives everything he has, does, thinks, says, to helping others, and is taken care of. 

One example: - Jon had nearly $400,000 and a large parcel of mountain acreage offered to him. He could’ve built a luxury home for himself, or whatever, which would have been spiritually ok, and ok with the person who offered it.  Instead, he wouldn't accept it personally and asked for it to be put it towards projects and/or a new monastery for "growing" more teachers to help make the world a better place. Teachers who will be there for others who want their help and services in the future.  

We received many good responses to Jon's plea for assistance, but two bad ones.  Jon was hurt and dismayed that anyone who was "into" the book/teachings, and wanted to be on our mailing list, would think that our asking for their help was wrong.  After all, they weren't required to give, and it doesn't hurt to ask. He was further dismayed about those who didn't respond. Where was the manifestation of appreciation from those who availed themselves of his, and our, sacrifices and services for you and others?  (If you don't understand why a spiritually oriented person would experience such emotions, click here for more information on the difference between spiritual feelings, positive and negative emotions)


Offering to help projects that help others.

As the teachings become ever more popular, our time spreads ever thinner. People are always calling on us for free spiritual counseling.  Now we must prioritize, and give first priority to spending our limited time and resources on fostering those who really show they are dedicated to helping themselves, and helping others - not those who just say they are, but those who show it.  Jon still teaches for no charge of course, but it's long overdue for those who say they want to help, and who say they believe in the same ideals and the projects – to put some actions and energy "where their mouth is".  

If you cannot help directly, or even if you can, "green energy" is what is really needed to get these projects done.  So those of you who really want to help, could also at least tithe (tithing is an ancient tradition, still done with many religious organizations, in which members contribute by making a monetary gift to their "church/temple/etc." based on a percentage of their income - typically 10 to 20%).  People tithe all the time for churches that have no agenda other than to further themselves and selfish separate self-egos.  Why not do it for something that is really going to help people, regardless of path, and something you really believe in, like the golden rule and promoting such?  

If enough of you pitch in, the projects could be done in no time!  The internet is a great tool in this case.  Think of the incredible opportunity you have here, to work together as one, long distance, on great projects to help all.  And I think up to about 30% of income, is tax deductible when you give to an IRS approved non-profit organization (check with an accountant though).  So hey, isn't at least some of it better used by going to such projects? 

To read more about the concept of financially supporting your chosen spiritual path, the prerequisites to spiritual growth, and how they cross over into giving support, please read this, and respond if you wish.  Thank you.

If you want to make a gift contribution for the Golden Rule or other projects (that can help towards a new yoga center/monastery/retreat center too), please call to see which has the greatest need at the time.  You can also charge it if you wish. 




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